She Innovates Tech Conference 2018

Be Informed, Be Inspired, Be Ready

CODeLLA’s second annual She Innovates Tech (SITe) Conference and App competition will be held on Saturday, March 10th, in collaboration with the IDEA Center at Miami Dade College. The event will run from 9:00am to 2:00pm on the 5th floor of building 8. To view the complete schedule for the SITe conference, click HERE.

The aim of this event is to inspire next generation innovators to become problem solvers and digital creators. Middle school aged girls will learn how augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) immersive realities work and have an opportunity to learn how to code and program a chatbot, among other hands-on activities. The students will also connect with female technology leaders, learn about STEM career paths and participate in.

Girls will also have the opportunity to be inspired by female tech leaders including Max Tuchman CEO and Co-founder of Caribu.

CODeLLA‘s She Innovates Tech conference is a unique opportunity for Miami Dade County middle school girls to be informed, inspired and get ready to rule and change the world.

TEACHERS - PLEASE open the following link to Register for the CODeLLA - SHE TECH CONFERENCE.

Material Required:
Girls are asked to bring a smartphone to be able to participate in some of the interactive workshops.

Located at the The Idea Center

315 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33132

She Tech Miami (STeM) App Competition

She Innovates Tech wants more girls in our community to become innovators by introducing them to the process of critical thinking, problem solving, collaborating and design thinking. We are asking participating students to create and app that helps users better prepare for hurricanes and simplify the process as well as provide access to relevant, real-time information.

Our event promotes innovation, community service and skill building. The month long competition will challenge teams comprised of girls attending middle school in Miami Dade County to develop innovative solutions societal needs. During a one month process, female students ages 9 - 13 are invited will use lean startup principles to design, paper prototype and video pitch their ideas. The STeM app challenge culminates in a LIVE pitch to the judges of the five top ranking teams comprised of middle school girls at our She Innovates Tech conference on March 10 at the IDEA Center at Miami Dade College.

"Computing skills aren’t just for software engineers anymore. They are becoming as fundamental as science and language are. As a parent, I feel strongly that every child should have the opportunity to learn these skills."

Vandana Sikka Chairperson, Infosys Foundation, USA

SITe Keynote Speaker

Maxeme Tuchman

CEO and Co-Founder of Caribu Inc.

Rosario Ballesteros Casas

Co-founder of VR Americas LLC
Co-Founder and President of Business Creative Partners

Frequently Asked Questions

CODeLLA's She Innovates Tech Conference was created to assist girls from the South Florida community to build their skill sets and their confidence while encouraging them to pursue STEM education.
The second annual She Innovates Tech (SITe) Conference aims to inspire girls in Miami Dade County between the ages of 9 - 13 to become next generation innovators, problem solvers and digital creators.
IDEA Center, Miami Dade College, Building 8, Fifth Floor
315 N.E. 2nd Avenue, Miami, Florida 33132
Saturday, March 10th, 2018 9:00AM - 2:00PM
The percentage of women computer science majors in the United States has gone down from 37 percent in 1984 to 18 percent in 2016. According to Florida had only 2,114 computer science graduates in 2014, of those only 19% were women.

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